Guidelines for Authors

Manuscripts should ONLY be submitted in Microsoft Office Word via the Journal’s portal except otherwise stated. The submission of manuscripts in PDF format is not permitted. Please do not fax any submissions to the editorial committee.
Please refer to the section "Instruction for authors" for any other very important and specific requirements when preparing and submitting manuscripts for review.

All individuals listed as an author of a manuscript should have participated in conceptualising the
research or content of the manuscript, in writing or critically editing the manuscript, and/or in the
analysis of data presented in the manuscript. All authors should be thoroughly familiar with the
substance of the final manuscript and be able to defend its conclusions. Individuals who have made
subsidiary contributions may be listed in a section called Acknowledgments.

All manuscripts must be original. No manuscript will be considered which has already been published
or is being considered by another journal. When work described in conference proceedings is
substantially revised and extended, it will however be considered for publication. By submiting a
manuscript, the author(s) certify that the article is not being considered for publication nor has it been
published elsewhere.

Format manuscripts to the specifications outlined in the template. Manuscripts that deviate from the specified format will be returned to the author(s) without being reviewed. Preparation of a manuscript in the format described will improve the likelihood that the manuscript will be rated favourably by the reviewers. In general, authors should avoid making their manuscripts stand out as different by preparing them in unusual or unconventional formats. Manuscripts should reflect writing proficiency and the correct use of syntax, grammar, spelling and symbols to ensure the transmission of accurate information. The text should avoid sexual and racial bias, and gender-inclusive language should be used whenever possible.