Peer Review Process

Review process flow
The reviewers’ comments are generally sent to authors within 3 weeks after submission. With the help of the reviewers’ comments, FINAL decision (accepted or accepted with minor revision or accepted with major revision or rejected) will be sent to the corresponding author. Reviewers are asked if they would like to review a revised version of the manuscript. The editorial ofce may request a re-review regardless of a reviewer's response in order to ensure a thorough and fair evaluation. Reviewers who may have offered an opinion not in accordance with the FINAL decision should not feel that their recommendation was not duly considered and their service not properly appreciated. Experts often disagree, and it is the job of the editorial team to make a FINAL decision.

Authors are encouraged to submit the revised manuscript within 7-15 days of receipt of
reviewer’s comment (in case of minor corrections). But at any case, the revised manuscript
submission should not go beyond 8 weeks (only for the cases of major revision which involves
additional experiment, analysis etc.), in order to maintain this journal’s mission of the fast
publication. Along with corrected manuscript authors need to submit lled ‘review comment
form’, any rebuttal to any point raised by reviewers. The Editor of the journal will have exclusive
power to take the nal decision regarding acceptance or rejection of a manuscript during peer
review process.
One of the main policies of this journal is ‘fast spreading of scientic ndings’ by publishing
suitable manuscripts within 6 weeks after submission (except some abnormal cases). Under
special circumstance, if the review process takes more time, author(s) will be informed
accordingly. The editorial board or referees may re-review manuscripts that are accepted
pending revision. Manuscripts with latest and signicant ndings will be handled with the
highest priority so that it could be published within a very short time. The journal is determined to
promote integrity in research publication. In case of any suspected misconduct, journal
management will reserve the right to re-review any manuscript at any stages before nal