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Vol. 1 No. 2 (2023): SAGBAMAN: Journal of Arts & Humanities Vol.1, Issue No.2, Jan. 2023
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Sagbaman: Academic Journal of Arts and Humanities is a publication of Isaac Jasper Boro College of Education, Sagbama. Bayelsa State. The journal is partly supported financially by TETFund and it comes in print and online editions. It provides a forum for sharing the research and creative ideas of erudite scholars in the various academic disciplines of arts and humanities. This inaugural issue of the journal records 21 scholarly articles from different contributors from the different research areas in arts and humanities. These studies were considered by reviewers to be of considerable interest to readers. They provide an excellent and in-depth understanding of the issues raised in each of the articles mirroring the sociocultural, economic, and political environment around us. One thing these authors all have in common is a sense of independence, curiosity, and drive. The
publication of these studies may whet the appetites of readers to learn more from the different
authors. As a practice, the number of articles accepted for publication is controlled by a team of editors and the size of the journal as well as reviewers' reports on each of the articles. However, we received many more high-quality manuscripts than we could publish in this inaugural edition. This informed the editorial board to create a provision for the publication of all accepted manuscripts in two issues of the journal.

The first issue Vol 1, No 1 Oct 2022 will be print and online, while the second Vol 1, No 2, Jan 2023 will be online only. This is to ensure that we do not miss out on quality submissions that are of interest to our esteemed readers. While the articles chosen for publication vary in subject, method, writing style, and manuscript formatting, they are uniform and excellent in content.
The articles included in this edition are drawn from disciplines in Philosophy, Religion, Economics,
History, Theatre Arts, Political Science, and English and Literary studies.

I must thank the members of the Academic Journals Publication Committee and Editorial Board for their dedication and commitment to ensuring the success of this outstanding project of the College. I hope you will enjoy reading the inaugural issue of Sagbaman: Academic Journal of Arts and Humanities.

Ebitimi P. Berezi PhD